Meaningful life and death

The purpose of this topic is to help you work through your own beliefs and values as they relate to the concept of death and dying, as well as how those factors influence your understanding of what it means to have a meaningful life. The point is not that you will ever be in a situation when you are making real decisions about DNR orders for patients who are terminally ill, or legality of abortion. However, you will almost certainly be confronted with death and dying in your professional context, and these topics will help you figure out what you believe and why with respect to the concept of death.

dying-with-dignityThis topic is split into the following sections, all dealing with the concept of death and dying in different contexts.

  1. Dealing with death
  2. Terminal illness
  3. Suicide and Assisted suicide (eutheanasia)
  4. Abortion

Once you have written your own blog post on this topic, you must interact with other course participants by reading and commenting on their work. Then, revisit your own work and ask yourself if you would change anything that you initially posted. You can can  then update the post by editing it and adding a new paragraph at the top, where you clearly indicate how your thinking has changed.

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