Cannabis and Therapy

I have a patient with serious spasticity in his legs due to a traumatic brain injury and grange syndrome. Always in advance he smoke a joint which release his muscles. but it s forbidden in our carehome and he doesn’t want cannabis as a medicament (drops). Any abuse of drugs such as cannabis (its still forbidden in Switzerland) must be reported by the staff and has consequenses for the residents. But I havn’t done it yet… I have a discomfort… what would you do in this situation?


One Reply to “Cannabis and Therapy”

  1. This is a serious ethical dilemma Illegal but helpful!
    what if it gives short term relief and has long term detrimental effects?
    have you thought of how it affects your treatment , and after using the drug does that not mean you dont get the true objective measure of his function because there is already an enhancer to alter his function before therapy?

    i know we all want whats best for patients but there should be lines drawn , as professionals we cannot go beyond the law. If someone else would expose the patient and the management finds out that you knew about this illegal practice how would that reflect on you as a professional. In conclusion i would do the right thing , the patient knows its wrong as well so warn him about the policy of the carehome , because truthfully speaking at some point it will come out.

    All the best ,


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