4 ethic principles: continue therapy yes or no?

I had a one year old girl in my therapy. She got a physiotherapy prescription, because she was not able to turn around, crawl, stand up or move around. On her own, she only sat and she always started crying when she fell or didn’t get the things she wanted. Her frustration of not being able to do what she wants is clearly visible.

After 3 therapies, she is able to shuffle (move around while sitting on the floor) so her mother decides to stop the therapy. She doesn’t (want) see the developmental delay and is always telling me the rest will come when she is ready for it.

Maybe it is important to know, that it is the parent’s first child and that they are quite old for a first child. In addition, the mother told me, they don’t have friends with same aged children and the girl doesn’t go to a day-care. This makes it difficult for the mother to know what is a normal development at that age and the girl doesn’t have peers to imitate the movements.

From my physiotherapist view I think it is important to continue the therapy to help the girl improve her movement skills, reduce the developmental delay and limit her frustrations and negative experiences in everyday live.

So the question is can I “force” a mother to bring her child to therapy? Or what are my possibilities to make sure the child gets the therapy she need?

I analysed this situation with the 4 principles of ethics (respecting autonomy, doing no harm, beneficience and jusitce). For the first three principles, it was quite easy for me to find the answer, but for the justice I can not think of how it could help me to solve this problem.

The principle of justice looks for an equal distribution of the recourses in the society and the fact that nobody should be discriminated and everybody should get the same chances. But how is this relevant for my situation? Is it about the right of the child to get therapy? Or about the fact, that the money used for the therapy for this girl, where the mother doesn’t support the therapy, could better be used for someone who really needs it and is willing to participate? Or something else?

Does anybody have an idea and could help me? I would be really happy about some support 😊



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