Fit a new corset or not?

At my work, I take care of a severely disabled girl. Due to her neurologic disease, she has developed a scoliosis, and have to wear a corset for 8 hours a day for several years now. Her parents do not see the necessity to put on the corset, therefore she stays 4 to 5 days a week (when she is not in our institute) without her corset. In the last year the scoliosis progressed very much, the cobb angle is now 90°. The progression of the scoliosis and the adolescence led to the fact, that the corset does not fit anymore.

Now, is it ethical to fit a new corset, which costs a lot of money even if I know that it would not be used and in the awareness, that it is against the wish of the parents?

Or is it ethical to accept the wish of the parents and let the girl without a corset, in the awareness, that the scoliosis will progress even faster (and could even cause death) and the girl cannot sit comfortable in her wheelchair?

What do you think about?


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