Children are suffering from a bad operation-technique!

There are two ways to operate the knees to have them straight in a couple of months in teenagers. Both techniques put in brackets in the growth plate of the knee where they stay for a couple of months. It’s a so called routine-operation for these patients. There is one surgeon who operates in a quick way (15 minutes). His patients suffer a lot of pain when they should move their knee and get out of the bed. After the operation for several days. All other surgeons do a longer operation (30 minutes) and are more careful about the muscles and tendons. Those children have much less pain afterwards, can bend the knee, walk and climb the stairs much easier. This one surgeon does not care about the pain and about the arguments of his boss (head of surgical department). He stays with his short technique. I really feel so bad, when I have to go to such a pour patient and try to get the knee bended and to get him out of the bed as the protocol of the postsurgical guidelines prescribes. My boss as well already had meeting with the head of the surgical department, but nothing changed… What can I do?

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2 Replies to “Children are suffering from a bad operation-technique!”

  1. This is just a very bad story which gives the impression to fall back more than 20 years where the doctors were seen as God.
    I don’t know what to say. Best way would be the patienten beeing operated by this fast doctor would give feedback to the CEO of the hospital or go to public.


  2. This is a very difficult situation, especially since the problem already seems to be relatively public, with the HoD knowing about it and meeting with the surgeon. It may sound uncaring, but can you definitively say that this is a problem with the surgery? What evidence do you have that this is really the case? What data can you gather that might support your argument? I’m just thinking that if you decide to go the route of a formal complaint procedure (which might very well be appropriate), you may need to have a lot of evidence in support of your claim.


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