Child in therapy – Switzerland

I’m working as a physiotherapist in Switzerland. Since January I have a 3 years old boy as patient. He has been operated for a benign Tumor on  fibula’s  head, what leaded to a foot drop. This child have very bad teeth and often goes to Mac donalds. All adults in the family smoke a lot – also in front of him- and they always come to therapy with energic drinks.  The oldest brother was also operated for a benign Tumor few years ago. Also, they do not always show up for the appointment. My problem is that I d like to speak to the family or report those bad habits that can slow or interfere with the recovery of my patient. But if I do so and they don’t want to listen, they will maybe stop the therapy, and this child will have even less care as before. On my point of view, not only love is important to a child, but as a parent you have to look after him and care for his general health. In this case, I see the mothers love, but barely the care.


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  1. Hi Sophie. It seems that it might be a bit premature to inform your decision making around what the family may or may not do. My approach would be to do what you think is best for the patient, and then to adapt to the changing situation afterwards. I think a lot depends on how you broach the subject, but you may find that the family is receptive to your ideas.

    Let us know how it goes.


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