Ethical problem

What should I do if my chef wants that I finish the 9 prescripted physiotherapy sessions even it is not necessary? How would you react? I do not see in my position as a privat person why we should rais the costs of health for “nothing”? Of course the patient can always profit from therapy lessons i always can find something do treat. But what if the reason why he was here is over and there are still f.e 5 of 9 sessions open? Pleas it would be very nice to know what your thinking about this topic.


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  1. Hi there!
    I understand your problem. I think it is a problem of different interests. Your chief is probably happy when patient come for the whole prescribed time. I just let you know what I do respectively what I think about it:
    At start of therapy I’m in a open communication with the patient an I always say how long I suppose his/her problem needs therapy sessions (and the period of time). I also ask how the time resources are of each patient, so as to underline his authority and self-awareness. When the therapy comes to an end, I always give thanks for coming to the therapy and I mention, if he/she will have any physically problems he/she is welcome to come again. So eventually I gain a bit of his ‘customer-loyality’. Subsequently, this would help your chief as well and he might be a bit more relaxed about having had all of the 9 sessions. I could imagine, communicating this to your chief could ease this subject.


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