Introduction and ethical question

Hi! I’m a swiss master student in physiotherapy and this is my first experience with a blog. After the school, I worked two years in a rehabilitation clinic with patients suffering from respiratory problems. At the moment, I’m working in a private practice in the musculoskeletal domain in canton Bern for 6 months.

When I worked in the rehabilitation clinic, I treated a patient with very important respiratory problems who wished to die. The medicines and the therapists found that the patient still had potential to progress but the patient had no more strength and decided to ask EXIT, an association for the assisted suicide. I ask me, how we have to react in this kind of situation. Does assisted suicide exist in your countries?  What do the population and the health care professionals think about this subject?

One Reply to “Introduction and ethical question”

  1. Hi Chloe. Welcome to the online ethics course, and congratulations on writing your first blog post. I hope that this experience is a positive one for you and that you’re able to have an interesting set of conversations.

    Please do let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Keep well,


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