Inter nation Ethics Project

Hello everybody, I’m Nathalie. I work since 2 years as a physical therapist in Switzerland and I’m in the first year of a Masters degree in Allgemeine Physiotherapie. I work in a private practice with all kind of patient.

We have always more electronic/robotic help for people with handicap (Hearing aid, Exoskeleton, robotic arm prosthesis…). Is that good to make research in that or are we creating a new kind of human? Could it be that they will have more advantage than a normal human? Do we accept handicap in the future? I would like to know how we see the handicap in the future when our digital development are better than our natural skills.



One Reply to “Inter nation Ethics Project”

  1. Hi Nathalie. What an interesting area of research. It’s something that I’ve been speaking to my own students about for some time now, and one of our undergraduate research groups did a short systematic review on the topic and few years ago. I’ve also just reviewed a funding proposal for a project looking at the value of using robotic exoskeletons for rehabilitation, so it is definitely an area of increasing interest in the profession. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your ideas.

    Keep well,


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