Hello everybody, I’m Andrina. I work since 2 years as a physical therapist in Switzerland and I’m in the first year of a Masters degree in Sportphysiotherapy. I work most with orthopaedic patients in private practice, which belongs to a bigger company. My patients are mostly sportiv.

In Switzerland there are a lot of different ways in doing the physical therapist job: At the moment there is an indirect contact. The problem is, that the health cost are increasing and the goverment want to reduce the cost. It will gonna be intresting, how they want to change the health system to save money and what this means to a Swiss physical therapist.

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  1. Hi Andrina. Welcome to the International Ethics Project online course. I’m interested to hear more about the situation in your country with respect to the changing approach to managing the cost of health care. We are having similar conversations in South Africa and there are certainly many ethical issues to consider. I hope that this platform is useful for discussion.

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