Introduction of myself

Hi my name is fabienne and I’m also a Physiotherapy Master degee student from Switzerland. This is my first blog post for this course. I’m working in a private practice in canton Zurich since 1,5y. I do have all kind of patients wich is thea reason i chose to work at this place.

We often discuss financial problems becaus our chef always says “think more economical” by which he means doing therapy also if its not necesary or if after 3 times patient is feeling cured – to finish with the receipt. Same problem with MTT receipt he always says that patients need to do after Physio MTT which often is not really necessary. At moments like this i think less for the benefit of the chef than for economic reasons. I pay also health insurrance and if we just keep going on working like this and exploit health system cost will constantly raise. But I do explain everytime to patients the reasons for my thinking..


One Reply to “Introduction of myself”

  1. Hi Fabienne. Welcome to the course, and thanks for sharing your concerns about the kinds of problems you experience as part of your clinical practice. I hope that your interactions over the course of the next few weeks help with providing some insight into your concerns.

    All the best,


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