During my first two clinical rotations it became evident to me why we are always pressured as students to do a proper assessment in order to come up with an appropriate goals for a patient.  I always just went through the motions because as a student you do as you are told to pass and graduate but I came to the realization that it is not professional.

In order to treat a patient effectively you have to be prepared for each session and if you do not have a definite goal that is relevant to the patient then your treatment sessions end up being ineffective.  Being ineffective in a treatment session or simply being unprepared is definitely unprofessional in my opinion because the patient does not get the physiotherapy treatment required and it also has the potential to give the profession a bad name because one therapist did something wrong.

For that reason I try to be professional in the sense of being prepared and asking questions if I am unsure about patient’s treatment.

According to Duvall (2013) once you have done a thorough assessment and found the cause of the impairment it is important to decide on a outcome measure.  Whether it is to relieve pain, increase mobility, increase endurance, ect.  Though it should be something that will benefit the patient functionally.  When the outcome measure is set it is important to decide on treatment techniques which will add to the outcome measure.  lastly it is important to progress each technique until the goal is reached.

These are all things we have been taught but I find that between the pressure and each patient presenting differently I tend to forget what should be done and end up being unprepared and therefore unprofessional


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