Chronic Patient: Ethics and Professionalism


I’m a physiotherapist currently doing my masters degree in physical therapy in Switzerland. I’m working in a private practice. As physiotherapist sometimes working with chronic patients, I wonder if I have to stop physiotherapy with non-collaborative patient, who prefer to have massages, even if it didn’t have change anything in the past years, instead of trying to be active in their rehabilitation.

Is it fair to propose them to stop the therapy because my beliefs do not correspond to what they feel? Should I continue to provide massages if they have choose to do their therapy in this way, even if I think it is not the best manner to treat them. Should I tall them, what I think and then continue in the direction they find to best. I cannot stop myself from economic purpose and other patient, which can’t become physical therapy and really need it because of these same economic causes.

And you, what do you think about it? 🙂


One Reply to “Chronic Patient: Ethics and Professionalism”

  1. Hi there. Welcome to our online ethics course. You’re describing a tension between the patient’s right to participate in decision making with respect to their treatment, and your experience and knowledge as a health professional who wants to do something different. This is an enormously challenging situation with no simple answers, and definitely no absolute rules 🙂

    I look forward to hearing more about this over the next few weeks. All the best.


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