Resource Allocation

precogeapResource allocation is the distribution of goods and services to programs and people so that the majority benefits1. This allocation of resources in the health care decision when associated with a financial issue is a step towards a wrong decision-making. For example, deciding to provide better care, with more technology, only for patients who have financial conditions to pay it and deny the same care to another patient less endowed with resources hurts the principle of justice and fairness in care. If the principle of fairness is to treat the unequal as unequal, would not it have to reallocate this technology to meet the demand of that portion of the population it really needs? If we start from the concept that the allocation has to benefit the majority, health technologies should be implemented in public hospitals to meet the aspirations of society and not be restricted to the minority holding financial resources.
As physical therapists we also decide the best form of treatment for our patients and a way to not err in this decision is to ensure that the best method will be used in each case, regardless of social class, always seeking evidence of effectiveness of treatment and beneficence for the patient.

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Rocha R. O., BIOÉTICA E ALOCAÇÃO DE RECURSOS EM SAÚDE: reflexões sobre o compartilhamento democrático das tecnologias médicas avançadas, Acesso em:


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