Resource allocation

In Brazil, issues related to health policies have been debated since the 1980s and 1990s, and it was decided to increase democratic participation and guarantee the citizenship rights of the population through a health system sustained by the idea of social justice, of an egalitarian and universalizing nature. It is the SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde) that implements the notion of equity for a broader distribution of health resources, since in the past the format of the system left a large part of the Brazilian population on the sidelines: the poorest and who were in conditions of social disadvantage. The principle of equity recognizes that individuals are different from each other and therefore deserve differentiated treatment that eliminates (or reduces) inequality. In this case, poor individuals, for example, need more public resources than rich individuals. Recent policies have alleviated the serious regional distortions in supply, but have not yet addressed more complex issues such as the epidemiological profile of populations, social conditions, different insertions in the world of work, gender and race. The process of implementing the SUS in the country must also go a long way towards reducing inequities in health and thus reducing social inequalities. To do this, it must, increasingly, diversify policies and actions according to specific groups of individuals.


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