Integrity and wrongdoing

The subtopic that most caught my attention regarding the topic of integrity and wrongdoing was on the issue of sexual harassment. Although I have not yet had great clinical experiences, in the few I have had I have already realized that sexual harassment by the patient is a relatively common practice. Often the male patient sees the physiotherapist in a different way, being more sympathetic, giving and requiring more attention, and sometimes even saying compliments.
Upon researching the subject, I found an interesting article that addressed the nurse’s body image as a sexual object in the media. Some factors contribute to the definition of a negative stereotype for nursing: its historical past (because it was carried out by marginalized women such as prostitutes, alcoholics, illiterates); the sexual division of labor; and its formation based on medical knowledge. Concomitant with historical reports, in search engines, typing the word “nurse”, there are many stimulating files of the popular imagination that eroticize the profession, exposing it to embarrassing situations.
I believe this phenomenon occurs more frequently among nursing professionals, but it also covers a bit for other health professionals, especially women, because of the sexual desire behind women who wear white clothing. It is a very complicated situation and requires great control of the situation by the health professional.

COLPO, J.C; CAMARGO, V.C; MATTOS, S.A. A imagem corporal da enfermeira como objeto sexual na mídia: um assédio a profissão. Cogitare Enferm 2006 jan/abr; 11(1):67-72


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