Integrity in research

As well as in practice clinical, in research that involves humans being health professionals need to know and respect the bioethical principles . In Brazil these principles are in Federal Costitution since 1988.
Thus, if health professionals don’t fulfill these law can be arrested, because they are breaking the law. These four important principles are:
01) Justice
02) Respect for patient autonomy
03) Beneficence
04) Non-maleficence

So how follow this principles in research ? I will give some examples to try explain better.
* Respect for patient autonomy: in all research the volunteer need to know about everything will happen with him, and he has the autonomy to say “Ohh, I don’t want to do this intervetion” , “I need/want to quit the research”, “I want participed of this research” . Therefore, before start a research everyone has to read, understand and sign the “Consent Form”, in this document has all informations about the study , the risks and beneficts and if the volunteer agree with it, he need to sign this term.

* Justice: the researcher need treat all volunteer with equality and provide that all treatments will be similar beneficts. This is something hard to do, for example during a clinical trial the researcher need to have a control group, and the majority time this group don’t receive the intervention. From an ethical point of view, after the study if your treatment provide improve for the health volunteer who participed you need to give for control group the treatment, if they want receive it.

* Beneficence/Non-maleficence: in these principles the researcher have to do care , and study a lot about him intervention and treatment to know about all consequences that it can bring. And following the principles of beneficence and non-maleficence this intervention need bring benefits and can’t bring damages to health volunteer.


“Current outlook of ethics in research with human subjects” Takahashi, MT. Braz. j. otorhinolaryngol. (Impr.) vol.77 no.2 São Paulo mar./abr. 2011

(link) :


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