In Brazil 67% of elder suffer physical violence, and 27% psychological violence. Among the risk factors are: women, age between 60-80 years old, married and live with another person. Another condiction that to influence the elder abuse is a low functional capacity . Some studies showed that a low functinal capacity increase elder abuse because it overload caregivers and other people who care of these elder.
Even being a large number of elder who suffer these aggressions only a LITTLE NUMBER IS DETECTED. Therefore , is our papel how heath professionals be alert with these elder and help them whenever necessary.

So in this post I will show some ways to detected violence against old people. And I hope that this can help us to detect this kind of violence in our clinical practice.

Sings of negligence:

Signs of dehydration and / or malnutrition
Unwashed hair
Body odors
Urine / stool smell at home
Accumulated mail / newspapers
Cutting of water, telephone, electricity or gas (accounts payable)
Empty or poorly stocked refrigerator
Bed sheets / dirty bathroom towels
Forgotten and / or unmarked medical appointments

Signs Of Physical Abuse

Body Wounds
Untreated wounds
Broken or injured members
Decreased cognitive and physical ability

Signs Of Psychological Abuse
The elderly seem to be afraid of their caregivers
The elderly are afraid of things they did not have before.
Do not want to be alone.
Beg not to leave after a regular visit
Stop communicating / talking as before
Signs of depression, nervousness, anxiety
The elderly cry easily
Visits to the elderly are made exclusively in the presence of their caregiver

Signs Of Sexual Abuse

The elderly are afraid of being touched.
The elderly do not want to be laid off.
The elderly do not want to take a shower.
Unexplained appearance of bloody and / or torn clothing, namely underwear



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02) http://cuidamos.com/artigos/como-detectar-sinais-abuso-negligencia-idosos



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