Integrity in research

It is very important that the whole society is concerned with the formation of the researcher and with the social control produced by the scientific community. The concept of social control when conferred on health sciences is characterized as citizen control over public institutions and policies. In Brazil, social control refers to research involving human beings – standardized by the creation of ethics committees in research (CEP) and the CEP / Conep System, whose main objective is the protection of the subjects involved in the research – And also in the protection of good science.

The results obtained in a study demonstrated that there is no concern with the subject of scientific integrity in most of the postgraduate health programs developed in the country, since only 19.56% of the subjects evaluated expressed concern about scientific honesty.

In one of our undergraduate subjects, called Scientific Research Methodology, the topic plagiarism was addressed. Plagiarism is considered a crime in accordance with article 184 of the Brazilian penal code. It is important to remember that plagiarism can be integral, partial or conceptual. It is important to train the ability to paraphrase an author, that is, to explain in his own words a concept, an idea or data obtained in research of a certain author.

It is essential that higher education institutions communicate to students and researchers the importance of rigorously and honestly exercising scientific activity, avoiding situations such as data fabrication, falsification of results and curricula, plagiarism, misrepresentation of works, conflict of interests, interpretation Biased data, resistance to publication of research with negative results, among other undesirable practices.


Santana, C. C. O tema da integridade científica nas pós-graduações em saúde no Brasil. Revista Bioética 2010; 18(3): 637 – 44


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