“… children trust adults. Trust as a compass or an oracle. They cling to their acts and words like a buoy in the threatening ocean of a life to which they have just been presented “(Eliane Brum).

Children and adolescents are daily victims of domestic violence, which is a universal and endemic phenomenon. Official surveys of the phenomenon are precarious and the data obtained are a small part of the real, the “tip of an iceberg”.

It is well established that the effects of domestic violence against children and adolescents can last a lifetime and significantly reduce the chances of a child having a healthy and integral development. Manifestations may occur in the short and long term and may include psychological, physical, neglect, and sexual issues. Children who witness violence, in turn, are more predisposed to reproducing, as adults, dysfunctional relationships with their own families.

Health professionals maintain a position of disinformation, indifference, denial, prejudice and fear regarding the problem of domestic violence and its consequences, as well as in the detection and prevention of potentially dangerous situations. Fear of legal obligations prevents you from taking actions that could help victims. This topic is not even part of the programs of the universities, for the most part.


DAY, V.P et al. Violência doméstica e suas diferentes manifestações. R. Psiquiatr. RS, 25′(suplemento 1): 9-21, abril 2003


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