Tell about our death is something very hard, then caring for people who knows that their life is ending is something harder. However there are some ethical principles that help us, in this situation are they:
01) Respect to patient autonomy;
02) Beneficence;
03) Otherness,
that is the capacity of a person put yourself in the other’s shoes.

About this third ethical principle , there are two virtue inside this concept : MERCY AND COMPASSION !! And I will give a example for better understanding…

In 1995, the researchers Asai, Fukuhara and Lo went to a Hospital in Japan and observed the behavior of health professionals about patient in end stage cancer. Initially the professionals choose by agressive and invasive behaviors that directed to the maintenance to patient life. In the second step the researchers asked that health professionals put themself in the other’s shoes and the number of agressive and invasive interventions decreases a lot.

This situation show us how is important put yourself in the other’s shoes and that this simple act can become the end of patient’s life more HUMANIZED !

01) Rev. bioét. 2014;22(3):397-406 Bioética e processos de religiosidade entre os pacientes com doenças terminais no Brasil. Salles, AA.


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