Talk about human rights is something easy but hard at same time.
Well, I will start my post talking about the history of human rights. In 1948, post second world war was announced the “Declaration os Human Rights” , this document was divided in two principal parts:
01) Civil and politics rights: every person has the right to life, to freedom, personal safety, freedom of expression , religion.
02) Social and economical rights: every person has the right to education, social security, work, family welfare that includes food, clothing, and HEALTH CARE.

So thorugh this document, we health professionals have knowledge about our responsability with the human rights. And we have DOUBLE RESPONSIBILITY, the first because all individuos hate this rights and we must to respect and the second because we are health professionals and must promove and ensure that these rights are fulfilled.

Then, after being aware of our duties, we need to define health, so second WHO (World Health Organization) health is: “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not only the absence of affections and infirmities”. From this concept, our mission with the human rights became bigger because health ins’t the absence of disease , so we need have awaraness and promove this 3 aspects of health: physical, mental and social. Inside these aspects we need promove the education in our patients, so that they can be aware of their rights and fight for them together with us !!

01) PHYSIS. Rev. Saúde Coletiva, Rio de Janeiro. 6(1/2) 135-145, 1996. “Saúde pública e direitos humanos” Mann, J.


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