Ethics and professionalism

Professionalism and ethics are two words that are linked to each other very closely. Ethics in professionalism is very vital factor to achieve the sustainable and optimal goal of the respective area. An individual professional’s success or failure vastly depends on his ethical ground. Ethical professionalism promotes a better society where stake holders don’t normally have complains about the prevailing system they go through.

People involve in the health related issues namely doctor, nurse, physical therapist etc. are supposed to be more ethical due to the nature of the profession. A person who is occupied in these sectors is not only a professional but also an essential service provider. Ethics in this regard plays a very vital role.

An essential service provider without ethical consciousness cannot treat all his patients equally. For the lacking of proper ethical knowledge, he categorizes his patients on various grounds (poor-rich, known-unknown etc.). Putting all the ethical values and commitments aside, some people of these sectors have become very much business minded to make money as early as possible.

Ethical culture in every profession is a must to make a happy and prosperous society.


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