I believe that clinical settings is where students get to learn lot of things not for them to be expected to know everything and act as professional Physios. Reflecting back on my first block for this year, I was in a placement whereby lot of students always complain every year. The clinician in that place book lot of patients for the students and you’ll find that most of them are not even written in the diary but have appointments for that day. The clinician book lot of patients,  she does not even see one of them and she is never in the Physiotherapy department.  You will only see her in the morning when she comes in and if you are lucky you’ll see her again before you go home which is very rare.

We got to run the department on our own every single day because she was forever not there. Even when you have a question it was difficult to ask her due to her unavailability,  you can only do it on watsup of which if it’s something urgent you just have to figure it out yourself with your colleagues.   Patients used to shout at us because they will wait for a long time outside due to the fact that lot of patients were always booked for us and had to see everyone.  Some will even ask to reschedule their appointments because of the duration they have to wait, since we are students and have to do a full assessment with new patients and it takes long.

We were always not looking forward to go to work every morning because of the way things were. Being shouted at by patients every single day and having a clinician who is always not there.  It was really tough and not nice because it was too much for us to handle. We were not treated as students at all but as professional physiotherapists who are expected to know everything and assess patients for 10 minutes. It really made me realise lot of things and one of the things is that I want to be a better Physio and clinician one day not getting paid out of other people’s sweat.



  1. Sadly I can relate to this.

    My very first block was exactly the same. From the physiotherapist not being available up to the overload of bookings and its not very conducive for you to learn as a student. They expect us to be able to work independently, but we are not exposed and taught to a level where we can be empowered to exercise our autonomy.
    I believe that to work independently, it starts with knowing your competency. However if we are not well equipped with proper knowledge and practical teachings, we will ultimately be disadvantaged to work independently because now we have unfilled gaps which our patients expect us to be experts in.

    I fully agree that the approach of having fourth years run a whole physiotherapy department, under no professional supervision and having to deal with the administration is just not acceptable.

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