Resource Allocation

Coming from a background where almost everything that is of basic human rights is not so accessible has given me a different outlook of life and people in general. You may wonder what exactly do I mean by saying this, here is why…


How is it that we have people constantly fighting and protesting for basic needs in our black communities and resource allocation is that poor? Blame government? Yes? No? Maybe? I really am not sure how to even answer myself. To be able to have access or use a mere restroom/toilet in a typical informal and sometimes formal settlement would require you to at least walk for 5minutes to get to it. It is outside yes, and what if I need to use it at night? Knowing how rife crime is in our townships. Now I have to risk going out in the middle of the night to use a basic everyday necessity? I think not. We have young people participating in criminal activities in our townships and I keep asking myself why is this so. Could it be that mostly are drop outs and have nothing to occupy themselves with, keep busy?

” Educational systems which invariably spawn wretched schools and powerless officials in black communities are the enemy. Political systems which use code words like ‘welfare’, ‘no quota systems’ and ‘crime in the streets’ to signal their fear of black people and their willingness to hold us powerless as long as they can – these are the enemy. Economic systems which reject so many of the basic human needs of the poor and the weak in favor of the wealthy and their subalterns are the enemy. Health care systems which provide neither health nor care for the powerless and the poor are the enemy. Legal and penal systems which persistently place us in large overwhelming numbers behind bars and which place whites in almost all the seats of authority – these are the enemy… A military system which serves as the only respectable alternative available to black youth who have been manacled and rejected by America’s other systems, a military force which then is ironically guaranteed to be used in the future only against other nonwhite people- that is the enemy.” – ( drafted address directed at black scholars and their obligations to identify “the enemy”) Written by Clack around 1969.


Please note: the above quote does not necessarily mean this affects everyone or maybe expresses my views but it caught my eye because this exactly what we are currently facing in this country. It may not be everyone but the majority is affected. Could the above mentioned be the reason that black communities receive the poorest of services? Why does it take 4 hours (minimum) for an ambulance to get to a patient living in a township, but can only take 15minutes (maximum) to get to a patient that lives in a “decent area”..? I am yet to answer myself but I will end here for now. The inequality in this country is beyond words. We do not really treat others the way we would like to be treated.


The quote is taken from a book written by Thomas F. Jackson named From Civil rights to Human rights.- Martin Luther King Jr and the struggle for economic justice- Published by University of Pennysylvia Press in 2007.



Thomas F. Jackson- From Civil rights to Human rights

Martin Luther King Jr and the struggle for economic justice. (2007)






3 Replies to “Resource Allocation”

  1. Thank you for your insight. Your topic is highly relevant to the countries situation and contributing your lived experiences really gave me insight into your opinions. Although you gave intriguing insights I feel that your blog needs a heading because I am not sure what the main idea is, that I need to walk away with from your blog.

    I feel the value of your blog lies in the way that you raise certain points in an attempt to get the reader to become self reflective and think about how they are treating others and if it aligns with how they want to be treated.

    Your use of referencing links to your own perspective and aids what you are trying to say. I think that you express your opinions well and support it with relevant literature.

    I think you could have used a different image to showcase the reality of your post. You categorised your post which is good.

    Good luck with rest of the year 🙂
    Evan Schuman

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  2. Hi Evan thank you for the positive feedback you gave me. Along with some pointers where you suggested I use a different image but there is a reason I used this one. My next post will be more of a follow up of this one. If you can see I did not categorize this one under Human Rights although I speak more about basic human needs which I feel fall under human rights. The message I am trying to portray with regards to the image is that, if there is anyone to blame for the issues mentioned above why is it easy for them to do anything as they wish? Poor or powerless people in this country or maybe around the world put their faith of a better life in the hands of the “powerful” by voting. I casted my first vote in 2014 at the age of 20. When I voted I thought of so many things with regards to the way things are in my community and I voted with the hope that things will be different. Now when you get promised something and at the end of the day you realize those were just empty promises it changes your belief in humanity. I am aware of the fact that when you don’t have much to offer or not in a position where you can use power then your opinions do not really matter to the “powerful’ people. Now when I saw the image I thought to myself.. Has it really come down to that? Just because others have more power it means the rest will be denied basic human needs? If the roles were to be reversed how would it feel to be on the receiving end? Wouldn’t you want others to do to you as you do unto them? That’s why I saw the image fitting. Again thank you for reading and giving more insight into this post.

    Good luck to you as well. 🙂


  3. Well this is a very good and valid topic I must say.

    We have human human rights imprinted in our constitution but are these rights really taken into consideration?

    Your references link to your post because yes we are a country that lacks resources when it comes to our health facilities.

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