Integrity and wrongdoing


When it comes to integrity everyone wants to be associated with it both professionally and personally we all want to be known in society as a good person. The problem however arises when these to worlds collide. When witnessing something unethical in the workplace which has a negative impact on the institution it our duty to report such behaviour. However some of us may find this difficult to do not because we are bad people or that we have bad morals but simply because we are afraid of the consequences once we set that ball rolling. Often times in the public eye one is seen as a “hero” for doing the right thing but in the institution one may work at you are seen as a traitor and disloyal by some colleagues and sometimes labelled as a trouble maker. It is this very reason that causes some to do nothing which is just as bad as the person doing the unethical deed and unfortunately fear of isolation and rejection often control our actions.

Perks and smith, (2007). Employee perceptions regarding whistle-blowing in the workplace: A South African perspective


2 Replies to “Integrity and wrongdoing”

  1. I like the use of the picture first that introduces your topic. I feel you could’ve made it more argumentative. Not many areas were explored. You brought good ideas forward and could’ve expanded on it more. References were provided.


  2. Hi Jess thanks for the interesting read 🙂

    Once I got to thinking about the meaning behind your heading, I found it interesting. I also find this post relatable because we as students often find ourselves in situations where we supress our integrity because we want to please our clinicians.

    I feel that your argument could do with some extra support and exploration that will elevate it to another level. I do see you used a reference but perhaps you could be more expressive of your opinions and relate this to clinical practice; use literature to support your opinions.

    Your image is eye-catching and drew my attention to reading your blog. I feel that your image supports your blog because like in the picture, you are highlighting the conflicts regarding personal and professional integrity.

    Good luck with rest of the year 🙂


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