Abuse is to treat a person or an animal with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. Abuse can differ depending on what an individual is going through, it can be sexual, physical, mental, financial, emotional, violent and etc. The most common one is sexual abuse which is experienced by lot of women out there. It is so sad that lot of people in our communities go through abuse and they are scared to speak out because of different reasons. Others are scared to come out because they feel ashamed of themselves, others because the people abusing them is family so they have to protect them, others because the people abused them will hurt them if they do speak out.

it is sad that it even happens to young children, the future leaders of our countries, I came across an 18 year old patient in one of my blocks last year who was abused at home by the uncles, patient said its been happening for a long time and it is not a once off thing. She said she is scared to tell her mother because she might not believe her and the uncles are the ones supporting them, so if she speak out and they arrest them they will have no one to support them. She said the uncles do everything for her, whatever she needs thy provide for her so she cannot afford to live on the street and starve. I tried to make her realize that what she is going through and her trying to protect her uncles is really not life but abuse, because this thing is affecting her physically, emotional and mental. I told her that she cannot not keep quiet just because they supporting them but she need to stand up for herself and speak so that this can come to an end. Asked to speak to a social worker and explain everything, she told me she will think about it and see what to do. It’s unfortunate that i only met her on my last week of the block so i couldn’t follow up on her.


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  1. It is so sad to hear this story of a young 18 year old who is helpless and cant stand up for herself. We find this all over the world and being part of the medical field you are likely to come across such situations. Your choice of topic is very interesting and you spoke about your own experience of coming across someone that was being abused. You clearly described the story and the dilemma the poor girl was facing. What does literature have to say about abuse? How do us as medical practitioners help such patients? How can you link this to ethics? Would it be ethical for you to stand up for her or just let it slide by because its not your place? What is your personal opinion regarding abuse and to what degree are you willing to go to help someone that is being abused?

    Its interesting to know how different people take on such a situation. Personally Ive never been in such a place where Ive come across a patient that was being abused and this has really made me think what I would do in such a situation and how I would help this girl.

    It would be nice to hear what literature has to say about this so make use of references. Also using images and videos help the reader have a better understanding.

    Very touching post.

    Thank you
    Nisha Panchal (UWC)


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