Ethics and Professionalism


Professionalism is a core competency of physicians. To be professional it is required to make three commitments: become clinical skilled, protect and promote the patient’s health-related wellbeing and to maintain, strengthen and pass on medicine to future physicians, patients, and society (Mueller, 2009).

Professionalism includes: respect, compassion, integrity, responsiveness, accountability, commitment to excellence and sensitivity to diversity (Doukas et al., 2013). It is important for us as health professionals to try and develop these qualities. By having these qualities it will help us to be better health professionals and put our own feelings and interests second to the patient’s (Doukas et al., 2013).

The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered but sometimes I struggle to put my own feelings aside. I know the patient comes first but sometimes my own values influence my attitude towards a patient. If I do not agree with their actions or choices in life I must still provide the best medical care for them regardless what I think. I must remember that they might have different circumstances and try to treat them as an equal.

The patient is our number one priority. Their needs must always come first and I must keep in mind that I have a responsibility towards them to provide the best health care possible.


Doukas, D., McCullough, L., Wear, S., Lehmann, L., Nixon, L., & Carrese, J. et al. (2013). The Challenge of Promoting Professionalism Through Medical Ethics and Humanities Education. Academic Medicine, 88(11), 1624-1629.

Mueller, P. (2009). Incorporating Professionalism into Medical Education: The Mayo Clinic Experience. The Keio Journal Of Medicine, 58(3), 133-143.


3 Replies to “Ethics and Professionalism”

  1. A partir do momento que cada profissional pensar da forma como você colocou no texto: “O paciente é a nossa prioridade número um. Suas necessidades deve sempre vir em primeiro lugar e eu preciso ter em mente que tenho uma responsabilidade para com eles para fornecer melhores cuidados de saúde possíveis.” finalmente chegaremos ao patamar máximo da ética e profissionalismo na nossa profissão!

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  2. Eu penso assim como você, o nosso paciente tem que vir em primeiro lugar, mas controlar nossos sentimentos e nossos costumes é um pouco difícil, por isso deve haver sempre um diálogo entre nós profissionais e pacientes a ponto de não ferir os conceitos morais e éticos da profissão.


  3. Hello! I liked your point of view, and I agree with it. We should treat our patients equally, even if it doesn’t fit our minds, but it’s not always easy as we’re humans with feelings and opinions built throughout our history. However, it’s our duty to try to separate our ideas from our professional life.


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