Well, I will start talking about the meaning of morality and ethics.
* Morality: ” The set of rules applied in daily life and used continuously by each citizen. These rules guide each individual, guiding their actions and judgments about what moral or immoral, right or wrong, good or bad” ¹. In this way, we could realize that each person have one perception about some subject, and these perception could change if a person lives in the city or countryside, or is catholics or muslim, and other several factors that will have an affect on his/her life.

* Ethics: “is the name given to the branch of philosophy dedicated to moral affairs. The word ethics is derived from the Greek, and means that which belongs to the character.” ² So we could say that ethics studies the morality.

Through these meanings we can understand why is so difficult learn about morality and ethics. Because although each country or society have a code of ethics that must be follwed, each person will have his/her perception about something according his/her life, culture , religion, gender, age. So though in some situations is easy to know what is the correct to do. However will have situations that is very hard to know what is the correct or wrong to do simply because there is no right or wrong, just differents points of view about the same situation.

² –



  1. Hi there!
    Thank you for your post. Your picture caught my attention and I think it is a good illustration of your topic.

    You explain very well the difference between morality and ethics and have different sources to back your statements which is very good. I would like to know how you think morality and ethics must be applied in clinical practice. Have you had any ethical problems in the clinical setting or experienced that your morals influence how you treat a patient? I agree with you that each person has different values which lead to you acting a certain way in a situation. I have had experiences where my morals influence my attitude towards a patient although I know it is not right but sometimes it is difficult to put my own feelings aside. I think we should remember to always behave in an ethical manner towards our patients because we do not know what they have been through and their circumstances. Their health care must always come first despite what our perception of them are.

    I would have liked to read more about your experiences and challenges you might experience regarding morality and ethics. I enjoyed reading your post as everyone has a different opinion. I thought your topic was clearly defined and easy to understand. You can also try to categorize your topic by it’s title. I am looking forward to reading your next post.

    Keep well.
    Melanie Visser (UWC)

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