The Oxford English Dictionary offers the following definition of profession: o “The occupation which one professes to be skilled in and to follow. A vocation in which professed knowledge of some branch of learning is used in its application to the affairs of others, or in the practice of an art based upon it. Applied specifically to the three learned professions of divinity, law, and medicine; also the military profession.”

Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary offers this definition of profession: o “A vocation or occupation requiring advanced training in some liberal art or science, and usually involving mental rather than manual work, as teaching, engineering, writing, etc.; especially, medicine, law, or theology (formerly called the learned professions).” Professionals profess to know better than others the nature of their specialty, and to know what is best for their client in this specialty.

characteristics of professionalism.


Service to others,Assessment of client needs,Theoretical body of knowledge obtained through extended  pre-service education Standards for entry, practice, and ethical conduct Professional association to maintain standards Continuing education and life long learning.

Relationship between ethics and professionalism:

Professionalism concerns the knowledge and skill of the law faithfully employed in the service of client and public good, and entails what is more broadly expected of attorneys. It includes courses on the duties of attorneys to the judicial system, courts, public, clients, and other attorneys; attorney competency; and pro-bono obligations.

Generally, ethics rules tell us what we cannot do and professionalism deals with what we should do.


  1. Hello. I found the characteristics of the professionalism you mentioned very interesting. I think these are some of the things we can use to become good professionals in the future!

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