Morality and ethics

In Brazil, the Federal Constitution of 1988 (also called the Citizen Constitution) defines that “Health is the right of all and the duty of the State, guaranteed by social and economic policies aimed at reducing the risk of disease and other diseases and access Actions and services for their promotion, protection and recovery”. To guarantee this right, the Unified Health System (SUS) was created that acts on the principles of Universality, Equity and Integrality of health care. However, sometimes such principles are not put into practice because they encounter a sociocultural barrier that prevents any citizen from being treated equally. Herein lies the conflict of the health professional between morality and ethics, that is, what is designated as his duty (to attend in an egalitarian manner) and his mode of attendance according to his precepts of right or wrong. An example that I witnessed during an internship of the Nursing Technician course in a prompt public service was a nurse who had just attended a housewife, but when an alcoholic beggar with a cut in the face arrived to be attended to, she left her post For judging that the man’s behavior was not correct and therefore did not deserve his care, ignoring his duty as a health professional. This example showed me how to work my precepts on human behavior and not let them affect how I will attend my patients, making me think that I should not act according to the rules only for fear of being punished for immorality, but Because following them is a form of inspiration for a better society.


3 Replies to “Morality and ethics”

  1. I thought this was an interesting post. I enjoyed reading the personal example you included and how you related the topic of discussion with it, this helped to get your point of view across. Furthermore i liked how you reflected on the situation in the example and thought about a way in which you could handle the situation in a better way if one similar was to arise with you personally. However I thought maybe you could add more definitions of what morality and ethics are and maybe include a little section which describes the difference between the two. Anyways thats just my thoughts 🙂

    Nick Steenekamp

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    1. Hello Nikki, I did not really make explicit my reflection on the difference between morality and ethics. For me,Ethics is a set of values and principles that guide human behavior in the search for the best way to live with oneself and in society. Within this set of values is morality, which would be the norms and duties to live in society, ie imposition of right or wrong, prohibited or allowed within a particular group or community. Analyzing the example given, the nurse was immoral by not fulfilling her duty as a health professional and did not comply with the ethical principle of not practicing discrimination of any nature during her care.


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