At first I was deeply emotional about death and seeing patients around me die. I think I was mostly affected because I pictured how I would deal if it was one of my family members in that situation. I came to a realisation after seeking help from a psychologist that death is part of living. Death is a natural cause of life. I think most people are afraid of death because they have set goals for themselves in life and don’t want to think of the inevitable. As well as the thought of dying without accomplishing those goals. I haven’t as yet come to terms with death as I feel I haven’t accomplished my dreams yet. I don’t one particular clinical experience that stands out to reflect on but I am however very interested in this topic.

I agree with people having rights over assisted dying. I feel that it is one’s own life to decide if they would like to continue living or ending their suffering. I agree that for those who are terminally ill and cannot go on living with the constant pain and suffering should be able to decide when they die. I feel this way over this topic because I think of how I would like to have choices over my life if I were in that situation. I feel that if a person has a right to decide on how to live their life then they too should have the right to the decision of when and how to die.

An article talks about how, in recent years, peoples thought have changed surrounding assisted suicide. The article also defines euthanasia from The Oxford English Dictionary as a gentle and easy death, (Boudreau, 2011). This in my terms is what it should be.

Boudreau, D. J. (2011). Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia . The Permanente Journal, 79-84.


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