Integrity and wrong doings – blind patient

In my due time of physiotherapy, I have always come across patients with vision. In my recent block (uwc clinic), I came in to contact with a patient suffering from major general joint arthritis and in need of a hip replacement on his left hip. But the main challenge was the mere fact that my patient was blind. This experience for me was very different from any other regular patient. My individual morals and personal character portrays good will, dedicated self control and equality in patient care. But it is set to believe that there is times in a physiotherapy career where patience, temptation and/or stress overrides what is morally right, and where moral detachment or negligence will show signs or carelessness or thoughtlessness.

Stress plays a very minimal role in my life, But in certain times of fast approaching test dates, deadline dates for tasks, time management and remaining professional in clinical practice, treating a visually impaired patient who needs extra care, extra time, extra sympathy, and extra patience is not the ideal situation.

This patient has previously been at the clinic and due to his financial status, emotional instability, and lack of independence, he began to impose all his problems; sadness, and need for assistance physically, mentally and emotionally, towards me. Not being in the best of mind frames, I aimed at completing the patient as Promptly as possible, but that was the opposite of what happened. The dragged on assessment of the patient not cooperating, several admin referrals, phone calls to the ambulances, walking the patient to industrial psychology around campus to find out they were no help to him. I decided to leave the patient in the building and punched in a number for him to call. I was fuming with frustration, anxiety and anxiousness due to the fact patience is not a trait of mine, along with the vast amount of patients I had remaining in the day.

This day truly tested my ability to remain calm, and severely failed. Eventually my wrongdoings in hurrying the situation and not prioritising the patients needs before mine to full potential left me thinking. “Wrong doing by healthcare professionals harms patients, wastes scarce dollars, and may contribute to healthcare disparities” (DuBois, 2013)



DuBois, J.M., et al (2013). Understanding the severity of wrongdoing in health care delivery and research: lessons learned from a historiometric study of 100 cases. AJOB prim res. 4(3): 39-48


One Reply to “Integrity and wrong doings – blind patient”

  1. Life won’t always be pixies and rainbows. It will throw curve balls at you all the time, especially in this line of work. Take this as a learning point for you, for next time you may know what to do in this situation because you have seen that the way you did it before didn’t help matters. Meeting different people from different walks of lives with conditions/situations you never have come across before will open your mind up to the variety of life in this world. I hope you don’t let this bring you down too much and to carry on helping those in need.


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