Ethics and Professionalism -Lorné

Starting with my paediatric block I was excited, because I had one last yeat as well and enjoyed it. This block is more challenging than last year and you need to use all your patience sometimes. One of my patients has Down syndrome and they are known for their stubborn nature- which I experience first hand now during my placement. I like to see myself as a patient person, but at times it feels as if I am losing hope and don’t know how to get her attention with the treatment.

She was my last patient of the day and we were working on getting weight-bearing through her lower limbs, but the overwhelming response I received back was “no”. When finally getting her up through the help of the ‘itsy winsy spider’ het attention quickly jumps to something else and then she sits and pushes me away. I started to feel frustrated,because it felt like a long day and now I am trying to me enthusiastic with singing and play that only works for a few minutes and then you just hear “no”  again.

Even though I was frustrated I tried to keep in mind every child is different, everyone will react in certain ways towards different activities I just need to stop letting the frustration get the best of me. Having a professional identity is being aware of what values and interests shape decision making and matter most in practice.  Therefore thinking patiently and acting patiently to have a sense of professional identity (Trede, 2012).

In the future I need to be prepared with plans from A-Z and not just plan A and B, because when you start getting frustrated you tend to focus more on getting the attention of the child than actually the treatment itself.


Trede,  T. (2012). Role of work-integrated learning in developing professionalism and professional identity. Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education, 13 (3), p.163



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