Ethics and professionalism

one of my patient has been very rude and swearing during treatment session, at first patient claimed he does not understand English but when i tried to get someone who speaks his preferance language Afrikaanse he switched to English, patient on the first day did not want to answer questions i asked then later when supervisor come patient spoke everything in English. i felt very dump but i remember that i need to be patient and still respect the patient show that im professional, not to be angered to the patient.

because im trained to be a good physiotherapist who treats people all equal without descimination but always have to be value and not disrespecting patients even if they are rude, as physiotherapist i should help every patient and be kind to all. i have released that patient are not the same and some days their mood is not the same, so each an everyday i shouldnt take anything personal because iam a professional.

As a professional  i should make sure iam panctual and treating people with respect and dignity, so if ever the patient is rude or refuse treament the law and values says the patient if he or she refuses treatment more than 3 times patient should get another physiotherapist , if patient still continue to be rude and refuse treatment patient should be discharged from physiotherapy. so basically ive learnt not to be offended by patient but in stay calm and managed situation because i always communicate with clinician and nurses and they always supportive and encouraging to stay calm and focus on the posetive side of clinical practise, yes st first i was overwhelmed but i never showed my emotions.

According to the physiothearpy declarition i read says Physiotherapist are obliged to provide their services under any circumstances. These shall not endanger the safety and professionalism of the services. Physiotherapist shall not go beyond their competence and skills while providing services. In case a patient decides to undergo the treatment, the physiotherapist shall conduct an estimation resulting in functional diagnosis. On the basis of the information gathered,the physiotherapist shall plan and proceed with adequate services.   physiotherapist shall inform the patient and shall stop giving their services.If the functional examination result is not explicit or the required conduct is beyond the physiotherapist’s abilities, the physiotherapist shall inform the patient and they shall be referred to more suitably qualified colleagues or relevant persons.

i always scale myself in scale of 10 i actually created the scale just to how professional iam, so 1 to 5 means i cant control the situation as an individual and my treatment is not effective so thats means iam poor im not professional at all but 6-10 means i can handle the situation with respect and i treat people with respect and very patience to them, i dont have preferances in terms of race and gender and language. so everyday i see i amke 6-7 of my scale meaning im improving and i have so much confident with my treatment and they are effective. so everymorning im always looking forward to treat because some of patient left wheelchair to walking frame progressed from frame to crutches and now they can walk independently, iam so amazed. iam proud that iam growing and learning something new everyday.

According to the physiotherapy declaration ive read it says  Physical therapists comply with the laws and regulations governing the practice of physical therapy in the country in which they work
Physical therapists will have a full understanding of the laws and regulations governing the practice of physical therapy.
Physical therapists have the right to refuse to treat or otherwise intervene when in their opinion the service is not in the best interests of the patient/client.
Physical therapists accept responsibility for the exercise of sound judgement
Physical therapists are professionally independent and autonomous practitioners.
Physical therapists make independent judgements in the provision of services for which they have knowledge and skills and for which they can be held accountable.
For each individual accepted for service, physical therapists undertake appropriate examination/evaluation to allow the development of a diagnosis.
In light of the diagnosis and other relevant information about the patient/client, especially the patient’s/client’s goals, physical therapists plan and implement the intervention.
When the goals have been achieved or further benefits can no longer be obtained, the physical therapist shall inform and discharge the patient/client.
When the diagnosis is not clear or the required intervention/treatment is beyond the capacity of the physical therapist, the physical therapist shall inform the patient/client and provide assistance to facilitate a referral to other qualified persons.
Physical therapists shall not delegate any activity which requires the unique skill, knowledge and judgement of the physical therapist.
The physical therapist will consult with the referring medical practitioner if the treatment programme or a continuation of the programme are not in accord with the judgement of the physical therapist.
Physical therapists provide an honest, competent and accountable professional service
Physical therapists ensure patients/clients understand the nature of the service being provided, especially the anticipated costs, both time and financial.
Physical therapists undertake a continuous, planned, personal development programme designed to maintain and enhance professional knowledge and skills.
Physical therapists maintain adequate patient/client records to allow for the effective evaluation of the patient’s/client’s care, as well as the evaluation of the physical therapist’s practice.


Reference // www.  declaration af physiotherapy ethics and professionalism.




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