Morality and Ethics:

Morality is defined as having and living according to a moral code, or principles of right and wrong. Basic morality condemns murder, adultery, lying and stealing. However, morality evolves with the evolution of society, differing noticeably in different cultures. For instance, whereas one culture finds a man with several wives to be perfectly moral, another culture sees this as immoral and wrong. Time also noticeably affects the idea of morality. Once, women were considered the property of men, which is now considered outdated and immoral.

what are the difference between moral and ethics:

1. Ethics relates to a society whereas morality relates to an individual person.
2. Ethics relate more in a professional life while morals are what individuals follow independently

why be a moral?

Well, judging by people’s behavior, not necessarily.  But we also have to be careful not confuse ‘ought’ and ‘is’.  People do behave immorally.  But they shouldn’t.  Everybody knows that – at least in their heart of hearts.

Many people are psychologically inclined to elevate their own self-interest above all else – including morality.  For people like that, when morality and self-interest come into head-to-head conflict, morality loses out.  But rationally speaking, that’s not how it should be.  Rationally speaking, morality should always trump self-interest.

So now we’ve come up with a distinction between two different kinds of reasons: self-regarding or egoistic reasons, and other-regarding or altruistic reasons.  Self-regarding reasons are rooted in considerations of naked self-interest.  Other-regarding reasons are rooted in our concern for others.  Morality may not always give us self-regarding reasons to do what it commands, but it does give us other-regarding reasons to do so.  Problem solved.


5 Replies to “Morality and Ethics:”

  1. Hello there !
    I really enjoyed the way you defined and differentiated between morals and ethics. I agree with what you have said and admit to sometimes having internal conflict of choosing between self interest and following through on ethical tendencies myself. We are all but only human and morality is something we are all capable of. My interest would be to know whether or not you feel that morality is something you can switch on and off and choose certain people to share it with. And if so, why do you think that people use a set standard of morals toward certain situations only? have you ever done this? And, what were your reasons? Would you categorize them in the 2 that you have mentioned above or would you agree that acts of morality can be tied to things like religion/habit (for example). You do something morally correct because the bible or Quran says you must not because you think its right or because you’re doing it for the benefit of someone else. And, you’ve developed a morally inclined habit (for discussion’s sake). You don’t do it for yourself nor others; it’s habit but, there’s no compassion. Would this even be something linked to morals if the compassion is lacking?

    This is a great post ! Thank you for your input. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


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  2. Hey!

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I liked how you dived deeper into the points which you raised in your introduction. This helped to clarify exactly what you were going to elaborate on. Furthermore I liked the way in which you highlighted how different cultures have different morals which are considered normal, because I often find that us as individuals (myself included) often attach ourselves so strongly to our own morals that we don’t take the time to reflect on others morals and how they formulated them, hence we make rash judgements about others. I also enjoyed how you had a section which clarified the difference between ethics and morality as it can be a very fine line at times.

    I struggled to find any constructive criticism to add. One point I did think of was maybe in future posts you could try and find ways to link your posts to personal situation which you could reflect on.

    Nick Steenekamp 🙂


  3. Olá!

    Muito interessante a maneira como você abordou a diferença entre ética e moral! Com certeza irá agregar mais na minha forma de ver e entender esses conceitos!

    Raquel Vidal – estudante de Fisioterapia (UFMG – Brasil)


  4. Hi there!
    I specifically like the way you’ve differentiated between ethics and morality. Your examples in the cultural, societal and personal context is a great way of describing these terms.
    This is true, in the health profession field it is important to practice other regarding reasons. This will most likely be for the best interest of a patient and still, it would remain ethical.


  5. thanks to all for share with your idea between us. and i m very much glad to know that my post was very much help full for all of you. keep in touch i will give more information later.


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