Introduction:Fajilatun Zannat

This is a fourth year B.Sc in Physiotherapy student at Bangladesh Health Profession’s Institute (BHPI) an academic Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP),Fajilatun Zannat is welcoming you to my blog. I personally am very introvert type person don’t have the habit to express my thoughts and feelings about anything in any public platform.This academic demand however will give me the opportunity to turn my practice  in other way around and hence i would put all necessary effort to make it fruitful.

As a Bangladeshi citizen ,i have a very deep feeling about  Bangladeshi culture and traditions.How to uplift the physical crisis of the people of this poor country is one of the thoughts peep through my mind every now and then and interestingly i have got the chance to work on it. Being a physiotherapist ,my first target is to help the people of the world  i mean the mankind who really need it under my capacity.

From ethical perspective,i want to follow the UTILITARIANISM (Maximum happiness for the maximum number of people) principle in terms of my duty.As i already have mentioned in my speech is that, to make people happy is my prime concern and UTILITARIANISM principle is my focus in this regard.I would,hence  try to have  all the positive attitude in my character that a service oriented person ought to have .

Best Regard

Mst.Fajilatun Zannat


3 Replies to “Introduction:Fajilatun Zannat”

  1. Very interesting read! Seems as if we have similar views with regards to helping as many people as possible.Great to have perspectives from the other side of the world which still correlate with my own views…


  2. Dear Fajilatun. Thank you for your thoughtful introduction. I think it’s wonderful that you already have such a deep desire to help the people of your country. During this course, I think that there are many of us who would really love to hear more about Bangladeshi culture and traditions. I encourage you to share those kinds of experiences with us. All the best.


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