Introduction:Fatema Tuj Johora

I am Fatema Tuj Johora, 4th year in Physiotherapy Student at Bangladesh Health Profession’s Institute (BHPI) . BHPI is affiliated by Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP). When I first got here ,I’m afraid to say I knew very little about this profession, as time passes when I started knowing things , discovering new ideas things got a little  interesting. We help people with impairment and inefficiency , as a matter of  fact we make them better and more efficient, and I believe there is no greater joy than this. This profession has given me many things ,moreover it  has given me a identity, a purpose in other words it makes me who I am today now. Well I am still young in this profession, there is plenty to see, plenty to overcome and yet plenty to learn . This profession has given me enough positivity , all I want now is to spread this positivity to others.

At first I want to thank Md. Shofiqul Islam Sir to give such an opportunity in writing to a online Blog. True to say, I didn’t have any experience in writing in a Blog. I am quite excited in writing here.

I hope that I  can grow my knowledge through gather ideas from others and  spread thoughts to others.


One Reply to “Introduction:Fatema Tuj Johora”

  1. Hi Fatema
    When I began my physio journey, I knew very little. I also learnt a lot over the years. Physio definitely does change a person’s perception of life and gives it purpose. I hope it continues to do so for the better of both of us. I love the positivity, it is what gets you through the rainy days! 🙂

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