Introduction: Marina Uprose

Hello everyone,

I am Marina Uprose from Bangladesh and a student  of 4th year, B.Sc in physiotherapy at Bangladesh Health Professions Institute(BHPI), which is a academic institute of Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP)

At first I wanna thanks to my honorable teacher Md Shafiqul Islam sir to create a opportunity to write something in this Blog and share this with our national and international friends and also learn something from them.

It’s my first experience to writing on a Blog so it’s very special & exciting for me. And also first time, I am gonna share my learnings & ideas in any Blog. So I hope, it seem to me very friendly & co-operative to co-operate with you, guys. And hope, you will take it easy if there is any unconscious mistake done by me.

I am interested in Ethics. So I will try my best to share my concept &  I hope that this Blog will be beneficial to us to know more about Ethics & can learn a lot from here. Thank you. 🙂



Marina Uprose

4th year, B.Sc in physiotherapy.


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