Introduction – Soumik Biswas

Hello Everyone !

This is Soumik Biswas, 4th  year Physiotherapy student at Bangladesh Health Professions Institute(BHPI), The Academic Institute of Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP), Dhaka,Bangladesh.  I was born and bred in Satkhira, a beautiful & riverfull city situated South-west side of Bangladesh. This is my first writing on blog, as I have never experienced in blogging so,  I’m little bit  nervous and also very happy by getting this great opportunity of sharing about my thought and my interest.

I am very friendly, knowledge seeking person & always willing to help other persons when I able to do so. Drawing is my passion. I love journey, also love gardening  and spending time with my friends and family.

As a student of Physiotherapy, I believe that ethics has an important role in my profession. I hope that I will learn more about ethics from this course and friends of this blog. So, I am excited to start this journey and hearing other’s people’s opinion as well as their reflection about ethics.


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