Introduction: Nahid Tahlima

Hi everyone,

I m Nahid Tahlima , 4th year B.Sc in physiotherapy student at Bangladesh Health Professions Institute(BHPI), which is a academic institute of Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed(CRP). I was born and grow up at Dhaka , Bangladesh.

For the first time, i m  writing in  this blog, so I m very much excited and little bit nervous to write something here. I would like to thanks my honorable teacher Md Shafiqul Islam sir to create a opportunity for us to write something in this blog and share this with our national and international friends and also learn something from them.

About myself I would like to say just two words that’s I m very friendly and co -operative. I love to listening song , watching movie .I love to spend time with my family and friends and sometimes go for traveling to refresh myself.

As a student of physiotherapy I know the importance of ethics. I hope that I will learn more about ethics from this course and my friends in this blog. So, I  m excited to participate this course and viewing others opinions as well as reflection about ethics.


Nahid Tahlima

4th year BSc in physiotherapy.




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