Introductory post: Wafeeqah Ely


My name is Wafeeqah Ely. I am currently a 4th year physiotherapy student at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. Physiotherapy was never a career that I wanted to pursue, in fact it was always my dream (and for the most part, still is) to be a sports and orthopaedic surgeon. Unfortunately i did meet the requirements to study medicine. After my first year of studying physiotherapy, i decided to continue studying physio as i really enjoyed it. To this day i don’t ever regret making the decision to further my studies in the field of physiotherapy.

I am an introvert and a critical thinker. I enjoy many things in life and i believe that having a positive outlook on life is always important. Despite the fact that i am an introvert, i enjoy working with people and helping others.

I’m a Muslim female and in Islam there is a commandment by the the Almighty that one should seek knowledge form the cradle to the grave. I am a firm believer of seeking knowledge and imparting knowledge where ever I go.

I am excited for this ethics module as I will get to hear many different opinions on certain topics. This is intriguing for me as I am an open minded person and I am very interested in knowing how other people view the world.




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