Intro by Ammaarah :)

Greetings from the mother city. I am a final year physiotherapy student at the University of Western Cape. I am originally from a dorpie (small town) called Middelburg in Mpumalanga. I am living in Cape Town to complete my studies. These 3 years has been quite a journey- meeting new people, different environment and no home cooked food :(. Nonetheless it was worth it.

I am a muslim woman, so many of my values, beliefs and morals come from my religion. I hate conflict and prefer to avoid it. Some interesting facts about me: I love playing soccer, travelling, spontaneous adventures, interacting with people and just caring. Hence I chose Physio! I would like to travel and experience physiotherapy as well as parts of the world.

Ethics? The thought of it makes me  want to gag until you actually sit in class with your mind running into intellectual, creative, open, fun topics. My type of thing. I am eager to explore other minds and understanding of the world. People amaze me at times, otherwise they annoy me. I sometimes live in a bubble which limits my knowledge. I am hoping you can help burst my bubble and share your knowledge of life.

I am hoping to use this blog to express my views and can’t wait for other people’s thoughts on it.

Happy Blogging

Ammaarah 🙂



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