It’s me, Kathryn

Greetings, Earthlings!

I am Scrat, as everyone likes to call me, aka Kathryn (if you want to be boring).  I’m in my final year of studies of BSc Physiotherapy.  I’m not good at writing so bear with me through this short introduction because I feel a bit awkward talking about myself – also because I don’t want to write generic info, but alas let’s get it over with.  From Scotland originally, moved here 10 years ago, plan on moving out of this country as soon as possible (multiple factors why), and want to travel the world.  I am also a bartender on weekends, nothing fancy.  Just brandy and coke, opening bottles and pouring pints but I do want to study Mixology (art of mixing and making drinks) when I’m done with this course because my ideas are to own my own bar one day and physiotherapy practice.  I won’t go into much more details but you’re welcome to ask me about ideas I have if you’d like.  I am known for having coloured hair and I have been told that every time I go to work in a hospital or clinic, I must have “natural looking hair”.  Bleh.  I’m taking a stand this year.  I will show people that the colour of your hair, your visible tattoos, the piercings in your ears make no difference to how well you treat a patient – so watch this space!

From high school, I realised that my favourite subjects were Maths and Biology.  I loved learning about how the human body functions and it’s different components that makes it up.  One time, when playing hockey, I started noticing this crippling pain behind my right knee cap that stopped me in my tracks – I would start jogging and within a few minutes my knee would become so painful that I could barely walk.  I went to the doctor to check it out and all I remember is listening to him speaking all the medical jargon whilst explaining what was going on.  I understood it all and the look on my mum’s face just said “what are you on about?”.  This is when I started looking into different careers that worked with helping people and the human body.  Ta da, along popped up Biokinetics – sounded cool but not quite what I had in mind, but then Physio stuck out it’s brightly coloured head and it caught me.  I was done.  I finally found what my dream was.  And that was the beginning of this beautiful love story.

Ethics; last year in blocks definitely helped me open my eyes to what it is like to have someone’s functional life in your hands.  I have always believed that I portray a sense of empathy towards others which I know is a very good quality to have in this field.  This course, and this year, will definitely help me develop my skills and characteristics, and understand the different aspects of ethics – it will help me think outside the box.

Later gators!



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