Introduction: Rabea Elloker

Hi everyone.

I am a 23 year old, Muslim female from Cape Town, South Africa. I am the youngest of 3 children and finally in a 4th year Physiotherapy student at the University of the Western Cape. I have overcome many obstacles to be where I am today. I am very friendly and talkative and an easy person to get along with.

I was never really interested in writing and tend to shy away from voicing my opinions in public, unless it’s with my friends or people who I am comfortable around. I hope that somehow this blog will help me grow and become a better writer. I love cooking and baking as much as I love Physiotherapy.  I started baking at the age of 5, cooking at the age of 8 and massaging at the age of 10. At that point in time I was unaware of what physiotherapy was all I knew was that I wanted to massage as that is what made my dad better when he was ill. When I started my first year of studies I realised what my job actually entailed and loved the thought of it. I love working with people and hope to become an awesome and helpful health care professional.

In 2nd year we were introduced to clinical practice and I will never forget how disgusted I was by the way a nurse had told her patient he has to get up and leave the hospital as they needed his bed for another patient knowing that he had broken both his feet and was unable to walk. I then thought that maybe it was just her way of showing authority, I did not have much knowledge of what it was like to actually work with patients every day. Last year I got the opportunity to work with people and realised that no matter what the patient is like or no matter how many beds you many need a patient has the right to proper health care and it is the responsibility of us as health care professionals to treat patients ethically.

Rabea 🙂


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