Introduction : Candice Robison

Hi everyone, I’m Candice and I am a fourth year physiotherapy student at the university of the Western Cape. I  was born and brought up in Cape Toimg_20170106_114131wn and have never left the borders of South Africa or been on an airplane 😦  hopefully that will change at the end of this year.

I love being active and trying new things. I  recently went paragliding and the next thing on my bucket list is skydiving. Even though I love trying new things and being adventurous I am still quite a shy person, until you get to know me… My shyness to many people may come across as me being stuck up or unapproachable but i promise that is not my intention.

I am excited to be a part of this blog as it will give me the opportunity to interact and learn from others. Maybe it will help me breakdown this wall/ preconceived idea that people and potentially my  patients have of me. This can be done through the very interactive classes that we attend as well as building on my empathy in a clinical setting.

Until next time



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