Introduction : Abongile Malazibuye

Hi there internet people. I am a final year physiotherapy student at the University of the Western Cape. I was born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa but my family is from another region called Ugie, Eastern Cape. I visit Ugie almost every second year.  I am a quite reserved person, I like keeping to myself. This includes personal space and thoughts. I am a soft spoken person so I feel very anxious whenever I have to verbalize anything that’s in my head. I absolutely love music, going on mini adventures and reading non fiction books.

Physiotherapy and varsity as whole have contributed to my continuing self discovery journey. Coming from a small high school where I felt safe to voice out my thoughts and opinions to this huge space filled with different personalities has been tremendously challenging. It still feels like its my first day every time I go to class. Clinical practice puts everything into perspective though. I see why I need to go to class and better my knowledge, so I can be helpful to patients.

The way the Ethics module is structured  reminds me so much of how high school was structured. I am excited because we get to engage with topics that encourage critical thinking into the forces that drive our behaviors and the way we react to situations. I believe that I am an open minded person and that nothing could make me not want to treat a patient but I have a feeling we will tap into topics that will really challenge me and my thinking.

I’m hopeful that this module will encourage me to engage more in class.

kind regards



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