Intro Luke Mitri

Hi There

My name is Luke, I am a 4th year physiotherapist student at UWC. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa but have been calling Cape Town my home for the past 15 years. I had the privilege of attending South Africa’s oldest high school; SACS. Throughout high school I was in the boarding house as I lived far from the school and it was here where most of my morals and ethics where shaped. I am a sports enthusiast that has played every sport that was available to me in school. Due to my interest in sports its’s where I see myself working as a physiotherapist in the future.

When it comes to discussing ethics, I find myself rather listening to others than voicing my own thoughts and opinions. Speaking about such topics is far out of my comfort zone, however this is something I would like to be more confident in and this is why I am excited about this module. I feel debating ethics and morals helps understand others and their actions, and it allows us to respect or challenge others opinions. However, I would like to challenge myself in this module by putting myself out of my comfort zone to discover another side of myself and become a better and more well-rounded version of myself.


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  1. Hi Luke
    I totally agree that boarding schools do change our morals and how we view the outside world. I also went to boarding schools my whole life, i’m different from others at home and well in “general”. Keeping to myself most of the time seems to be a good idea too but its time we got out of our comfort zones starting simply with this module and see what the universe provides.


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