Introduction-Amanda Chabalala

Hi everyone!! I am a fourth year Physiotherapy student at the University of The Western Cape. I was born and bred in Limpopo, in the far North, just outside a town called Louis Trichardt, in 2009 i relocated to a town called Tzaneen, roughly 2 hours away from the town of my origin. I am naturally a loner and more of an introvert than extrovert, i love being around people but i also enjoy and prefer my own space, therefore i would rather stay indoors alone than being around people. However, Physiotherapy sort of changed me, because the course demands thorough technique practices, group work and also we work with people. i therefore had to adjust to this environment, and i’v adapted.

I’v heard of blogging before, but i just have not done it, and so yes, this is my first time. The reason why i had not considered blogging before is, having to share my ideas and thoughts to the world made me scared, because of the critics i might get from the people of the world. However, i do think that from this blog, we can learn a lot from each other, and looking forward to the experience.

in our profession, we come across different ethical dilemmas, therefore, having Ethics as a module is very essential in the sense that, we can learn from each other and share opinions to different dilemmas, which will make it easier when having to make decisions when we come across difficulties.


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