Welcome to my ethics blog.

I am currently a fourth year physiotherapy student to the University of the Western Cape.  I was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.  I was fortunate to be born into a physically active family.  Between my parents and sibling my family participates in various sports from rugby, netball, soft ball, golf, swimming and cross country and long distance running.  Needless to say I was no different. I participated in swimming, netball and long distance running at school level.  After school I decided to remain active in the gym and got into fitness competitions (bodybuilding)

My choice of studies was brought on from my love of physical activity as well as my passion for people.  That being said, I consider myself an introvert and not much of a talker but rather someone who reads situations before engaging.  Respect and discipline are the two things I live by.  I believe in doing right by others without compromising yourself.

I am looking forward to learning more about ethics in the medical field as well as how ethical behaviour can affect you personally.  I have questioned what is right and wrong many times and I am interested to hear what my peers and others’ thoughts on some ethical issues



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